Self-Help Connection supports the creation and progression of self-help groups in multiple forms. Maintaining healthy and connected groups who facilitate self-help spaces are a priority of Self-Help Connection. Providing resources, tools, workshops, and training contributes to a balanced self-help group and allows it to overcome challenges experienced.

Self-Help Connection and the Self-Help Network Centre have collaborated on resource materials to provide support and instruction to Self-Help group facilitators:



Shared Leadership Workbook –¬†Printable (PDF)

Challenges in Groups Worksheet – Printable (PDF)

Compassion Break Worksheet – Printable (PDF)

Confidentiality Worksheet – Printable (PDF)

Facilitator Skill Inventory Worksheet – Printable (PDF)

Facilitator Wellness Tools Worksheet – Printable (PDF)

Ethics for Facilitators Worksheet – Printable (PDF)