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Trauma-Informed, Restorative Yoga – Week 8 Summer Series (Zoom Workshop)

August 30, 2023 @ 9:00 am 9:45 am

Trauma Informed, Restorative Yoga – Summer Series

Free online service paid for by Self-Help Connection, offered every Wednesday at 9 AM Self Help Connection Yoga Week 8

Radiant Resilience: Trauma-Informed Yoga for Summer Healing”

Series Overview: The “Radiant Resilience” series is an 8-part trauma-informed yoga program designed to promote healing, resilience, and inner strength during the summer months. Each 45-minute session combines gentle yoga practices with education on the benefits of trauma-informed yoga, creating a safe and uplifting space for participants to embark on their healing journey. As an added incentive, attendees will have the opportunity to receive swag items that support their practice and serve as a reminder of their commitment to self-care.

Session 1: “Summer Sunrise Renewal” Description: Start your summer with a sense of renewal and rejuvenation. This session will focus on gentle movements, breathwork, and meditation techniques to awaken your inner light and release past traumas. Participants will learn about the science behind trauma-informed yoga and how it promotes healing and resilience.

Session 2: “Empowerment under the Sun” Description: Step into your power and harness the energy of the summer sun. Through empowering poses, mindful flow sequences, and affirmations, we will cultivate strength, confidence, and self-empowerment. This session will explore the psychological aspects of trauma recovery and how yoga can help reclaim personal power.

Session 3: “Healing Waves of Summer” Description: Dive into the soothing and healing energies of summer with a focus on gentle, fluid movements. Through a combination of restorative poses, gentle stretches, and guided relaxation, we will tap into the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Attendees will learn about the importance of creating a nurturing environment for trauma recovery.

Session 4: “Momentum in Motion” Description: Harness the momentum of the season to propel your healing journey forward. This dynamic session will incorporate flowing sequences, balance poses, and grounding techniques to enhance stability and create a sense of inner harmony. Participants will explore how trauma-informed yoga encourages movement and embodiment as a means of healing.

Session 5: “Sunset Serenity” Description: As the sun sets, find peace and serenity within. This session will focus on restorative yoga, deep relaxation, and guided visualization to foster inner calm and release tension. Attendees will delve into the mind-body connection and the role it plays in healing trauma.

Session 6: “Nurturing the Inner Garden” Description: Like a garden, our inner selves require care and attention. This session will explore gentle stretches, heart-opening poses, and self-compassion practices to nurture our emotional well-being. Participants will learn how trauma-informed yoga cultivates self-love and compassion for the self.

Session 7: “Soothing Summer Breezes” Description: Let the gentle summer breezes soothe your body and mind. In this session, we will focus on breath-centric practices, such as pranayama and mindful breathing exercises, to promote relaxation and release tension. Attendees will gain insight into the role of breathwork in regulating the nervous system and promoting healing.

Session 8: “Radiant Wholeness” Description: Embrace your radiant wholeness as we conclude the series. This session will integrate all the elements learned throughout the program, including gentle movement, breathwork, and mindfulness. Participants will be encouraged to reflect on their personal growth and resilience while envisioning a future filled with possibilities.

Swag Incentives: To further motivate attendance, participants will receive unique swag items. There will be 2 draws. One at the halfway point and one st the end.

By combining education, trauma-informed yoga practices, and uplifting swag incentives, the Radiant Resilience Series is sure to brighten your day!

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August 30, 2023
9:00 am – 9:45 am


Self Help Connection
(902) 453-2011


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Halifax, Canada