Welcome to the Self-Help Connection

The Self-Help Connection (SHC) is a registered charitable organization established in 1987 to assist Nova Scotians to take control of their health by increasing their knowledge, skills, and resources for individual and collective action.

SHC strives to empower groups and people to help them acquire the knowledge, skills and resources to take personal responsibility over their health through self help. SHC takes the stance that citizens have an inherent capacity to learn, grow and change and that through this they have the right to make choices for enhancing their health. SHC also believes that it is important to foster partnerships with self-help allies to promote self-help. As part of our work, SHC is implementing the program WRAP throughout Nova Scotia including building capacity and training for same.

The Self-Help Connection has received national recognition as a ‘Mental Health Best Practice Program’ from the Federal, Provincial, and Territorial Advisory Network on Mental Health for self-help and consumer initiatives.

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We Strive to

– Accept each individual as valuable in their own right.

– Accept each individual unconditionally without judgment.

– Trust in the ability of each individual to discover their own solutions to their situation.

– Recognize individual strengths and efforts to change.

– Focus on the individual, not on the behaviour.

– Provide feedback and comments that are validating and focus on observable situations rather than judgments.

– Use language and communication that focuses on strengths.

-Treat each individual as equal, with dignity, compassion, and mutual respect.

~Adapted from Wellness Recovery Action Plan

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We are grateful for the generous support of the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness