The Tribe

Mickie Bowe

Executive Director

With more than 10 years of working within mental health not-for-profit organizations, Mickie’s experience and knowledge provides Self-Help Connection with strong relationships with other organizations and provides confidence and support to self-help groups. Mickie’s commitment and dedication to the mental health sector is shown through in her work by fostering trusting bonds with new self-help groups, implementing facilitation and training into existing agencies, and providing inspiring methods of community engagement. Her compassion and understanding for the mental health community fuels her work and motivates others around her.

Kate Ross

Social Community Shaper

Kate’s academic research on collective subcultures and DIY resources contributes to her work at Self-Help Connection. Along with a keen interest in community engagement, Kate uses branding, design, and promotion to further the scope of followers for Self-Help Connection in an attempt to reach individuals wanting to create their own self-help groups. Kate strives for a authentic bond between Self-Help Connection and sister agencies in make self-help methods and creative learning opportunities accessible to all.

The Board

 Keith Anderson 


Jim Malone

Vice President

Nora McNee

Secretary/ Treasurer

John Brazier

Board Member

Bev Cadham

Board Member

Cathy MacDonald

Board Member

Melissa Cooper

Board Member