Our Tribe- In Our Element

Mickie Bowe

Executive Director and Wellness Facilitator

With more than 10 years of working within mental health not-for-profit organizations, Mickie’s community experience and navigational passion provides Self-Help Connection with strong relationships with other organizations and provides confidence and support to self-help groups. Mickie’s commitment and dedication to the mental health sector is shown through in her work by fostering trusting bonds with new self-help groups, implementing facilitation and training into existing agencies, and providing inspiring methods of community engagement. Her compassion and understanding for the mental health community fuels her work and motivates others around her.

What fills Mickie’s happy tank? Finding my tribe,wearing the SHC “Lucky Stars” bandanna, Enigma yoga, running, spin class, finding clovers, hiking with Remi, finding rocks and seaglass, sound healing, learning classical guitar, and painting

Jeannine Poirier

WRAP Around Nova Scotia, Project Coordinator and Wellness Facilitator

Jeannine was born and raised in Cheticamp, Nova Scotia.  She lived in Halifax for 10 years and 20 years in Toronto where she worked as a National Customer Service Representative in various industries. Depression brought her back to her home town in 2006. With the support of her family, countless therapy sessions, and medication, she was able to return to work. In March 2017, she was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure, which is when she made the decision to take an early retirement. In May 2017, she became a facilitator for the Mental Health Peer Support Group,  S.H.I.N.E. Cape Breton. Every day, Jeannine strives to better her knowledge on Mental Health, practice self-care, and be a peer support to others by sharing her lived experience.

What fills Jeannine’s happy tank? Campfires, awesome friends, roasted marshmallows, walks in nature, and meditation colouring

Etta Brodersen

Transformation Consultant, Program and Evaluation


Etta has a PhD in Forensic Psychology and works both as a psychologist (MA candidate register with NSBEP) and program evaluator who specialized during her graduate training in the treatment of at risk populations and the development, implementation, and evaluation of social service programs. She is committed to using participatory approaches to help measure the impact and effectiveness of programs, and is focused on participant engagement in all aspects of her work.

Work life balance is hugely important to Etta, especially for those individuals in roles where mental burn out and emotional exhaustion are common concerns. Etta prioritizes her mental wellness through integrating exercise, crochet, painting, baking, reading, and social activities into her life.  She believes that in order to help others, you must first help yourself, and she does her best to apply this approach in both her personal life and to promote this mindset in her work.

What fills Etta’s happy tank? Crocheting, needle work, cats, yoga, boot camps, reading, baking, refurbishing furniture,comics,hiking, & sunsets

The Board


Katelyn Bessette

Melissa Cooper

Cindy Dunn

Cathy MacDonald

Jim Malone (President)

Nora McNee (Secretary/ Treasurer)

Kari Mitchell