Welcome to the Self-Help Connection

The Self-Help Connection is a registered charitable organization established in 1987 to assist Nova Scotians to take control of their health by increasing their knowledge, skills, and resources for individual and collective action.

The Self-Help Connection has received national recognition as a ‘Mental Health Best Practice Program’ from the Federal, Provincial, and Territorial Advisory Network on Mental Health for self-help and consumer initiatives.

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We Strive to

– Accept each individual as valuable in their own right.

– Accept each individual unconditionally without judgment.

– Trust in the ability of each individual to discover their own solutions to their situation.

– Recognize individual strengths and efforts to change.

– Focus on the individual, not on the behaviour.

– Provide feedback and comments that are validating and focus on observable situations rather than judgments.

– Use language and communication that focuses on strengths.

-Treat each individual as equal, with dignity, compassion, and mutual respect.

~Adapted from Wellness Recovery Action Plan

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We are grateful for the generous support of the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness